BLOC Design-Build, LLC Introduces the ROC, a New Remote Open Source Controller

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Remote Open Source Controller (ROC) is an integrated, off-the-shelf Programmable Logic controller (PLC) with expansion capabilities. It is used to operate a wide range of motor control sites more efficiently and economically. The system is pre-programmed in accordance with customer specifications, allowing more efficient installation, saving time and money. All components are standard, off-the-shelf products that can be purchased from most electronics distributors, eliminating long lead times and the use of proprietary hardware and software. This gives the end-user the ability to receive competitive pricing for service. The system has been designed by BLOC for easy troubleshooting with visual failure indicators, three sources of surge protection, easy-to-read electrical schematics, and wire identification on all wires and terminal blocks. 

Product highlights include:

  • PLC (Allen Bradley, Siemens, Modicon, or Phoenix Contact.
  • Capable of multiple communication protocols.
  • Three source surge protection.
  • UL508A certified.
  • Can easily be integrated into existing SCADA systems or work as a standalone unit.
  • All components can be purchased from local electronic distributors.
  • Easy troubleshooting with visual identifiers.

Each panel meets all of Underwriters Laboratories' UL508A certification requirements. As a low-cost option, BLOC's technicians have added an operator touch screen interface, delivering the operator an easy method for controlling and troubleshooting the station. The basic ROC can be used as a standalone controller or easily be upgraded into an auto dialer, SMS messenger, cellular data network, local area network (LAN), wireless Ethernet, or as a licensed or unlicensed radio telemetry SCADA system, allowing for easy, off-site data collection.

For more information about the ROC or other services from BLOC, contact Jim Holland, P.E., at 877.572.3647

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