Electrical / Instrumentation

Since the early feedback control mechanisms of the 18th century, through the industrial revolution, to the extensive automation used today, innovative companies have searched for methods to increase output through control theory. The bottom line has always remained the same: do more with less in the fastest and safest manner possible. Mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, electronic and computer, or in any combination, BLOC designs systems that work for you.

Water and Wastewater:

BLOC provides a variety of instrumentation solutions to monitor water and wastewater systems, including tank levels, flow meters, pump operations, and electrical use. These solutions, custom designed to meet your particular needs, combine feedback detection with automatic correction or sequential or logical sequence control, depending on the type of equipment, process, and systems that require automatic operation and real-time reaction or adjustment. Combined with standard or proprietary software, systems using instrumentation and control provide automatic seamless work flow and work force solutions (partial to complete lights out operations) that positively impact your bottom line. If repairs are required, remote diagnostics allow technicians to isolate hardware or software issues, which shorten repair time.

Oil and Gas:

Process automation for the oil and gas industry allows remote monitoring of systems to determine optimum production levels. Sensors placed around equipment collect a variety of data, including temperature, pressure, and flow. This complete yet remote view of systems operation allows for automatic adjustment to maximize performance and the ability to manually override existing settings. Software-driven, this allows production staff to alter controls in real time to compensate for changes in operation or to authenticate software-predicted trends. The primary benefits to oil and gas companies reduced energy costs, consistent and acceptable quality, and scheduled maintenance outages, allowing companies to realize not only greater operational efficiencies, but improved financial results.


The use of advanced automated control systems negates the need to retool many manufacturing plant systems, making it easier to change production line products by simply recalibrating, upgrading, or installing processors to control differences introduced by the change in product without retooling a production facility. Advanced fieldbus technology, using a single cable, industrial Ethernet at factories, and radio units that broadcast over licensed or unlicensed frequencies, cell, satellite, or mobile GPS units  all allow for upgrades within hours or days instead of weeks or months. Rewiring is eliminated or reduced through the implementation of automated systems.

Specific services include:

Electrical Services

• Electrical Installation
• Electrical Maintenance
• Site Documentation (P&ID) of Existing Sites

Design Services

• Electrical System Design
• Controls and Instrumentation System Design

Specific hardware includes:

Instruments and Devices

• Banner
• Dwyer
• E&H
• Foxboro
• Hach
• Krohne
• Mercoid
• Rosemount

Variable Speed Drives, Soft Starters

• Allen Bradley
• Altivar/Altistart
• Danfoss
• Delta
• Eaton
• Fincor
• GE
• Hitachi
• Joilet
• Reliance
• Robicon
• Siemens
• TECO - Westinghouse
• Toshiba
• Yaskawa