Design-Build Services

BLOC assembles teams of engineers, architects, electricians and contractors who can provide the results you seek: one-source responsibility, timely project completion, and budgetary control.

BLOC coordinates all aspects and stages of the project from start to finish. The team members selected by BLOC understand the design-build concept and focus on cooperation and consensus throughout the course of each project.

BLOC adds value to your project by focusing on:

  • Sole source responsibility: all team members are hired under one contract
  • Innovative designs through owner/designer/constructor collaboration and consensus
  • Improved communication throughout the project
  • Cost control through frequent budget updates
  • Collaborative schedule development by owner/designer/constructor team

BLOC is a corporate member of the Design Build Institute of America (DBIA), and we support the growing trend toward alternative project delivery. DBIA membership allows us to remain informed of trends, concepts across best practices within this delivery spectrum.

The benefits of design-build include:

  • Earlier project completion
  • Ability to adjust the design and construction schedule with progressive, innovative ideas that improve project outcome
  • Concurrent operations
  • Joint planning between engineer, architect, and contractor
  • Innovative financing
  • Single-source responsibility
  • Lower overall project costs

BLOC has provided design-build services on a variety of projects, including: 

SCADA SYSTEM FOR GENERATORS AT FIVE WATER PLANT SITES AND 18 LIFT STATIONS AT WWTP, SOUTH HOUSTON, TX. BLOC Design-Build was selected to design and install under a design-build delivery system water and wastewater system controls. The team provided remote control, full automation, and monitoring of 18 lift stations and five booster pump stations.
SCADA IMPROVEMENTS, CASTROVILLE, TX. BLOC Design-Build was selected to design and install under a design-build delivery method water and wastewater system controls. This project features remote control, full automation, and monitoring of one storage tank, one booster pump station, one well site, and one lift station. Communication across the distributed facility is accomplished by the use of radios.


“General contractors want to go to their Electrical Contractor and ask for a bid that includes electrical, telephone, instrumentation and controls. This would normally require a host of subcontractors. BLOC can provide all these services in-house at one price. Very few companies in this area can do that.”
— BLOC Sales and Business Development


Design-Build Services