UL508A Panel Shop

Electrical control panels are the brains of the operation. Because they are the coordinating center of functionality for your electrical system, it is imperative they perform to the highest standard.

BLOC maintains and operates a control panel shop from which we design and build custom, UL-listed control panels that regulate electrical devices and activities. We design, install and maintain panels for clients who desire solutions for their process automation needs. The Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) is a global independent safety science company that is the primary certification agency for electrical components used in industrial control panel equipment. It certifies, validates, tests, inspects and audits products for initial and ongoing compliance.

All BLOC panels are developed in strict compliance with UL standards.

Our control panels power activities like lighting, natural gas compression, electrical wire extraction, spooling, and various electrical tools and machinery. They are built with quality materials like stainless steel enclosures for reliable, long-lasting power. Our panels are arranged neatly using wire duct, labels and color-coded wires. BLOC control panels are delivered with a corresponding set of design plans that facilitate easy access, comprehension and maintenance.